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Privacy Statement

The Program by Ronna is very serious about protecting your privacy.

  • Your email address is not sold, shared or divulged to anyone or any organization, ever.
  • You are completely anonymous. We will not attempt to learn your identity, nor provide your information to anyone or any organization that might track your identity.
  • This site will respect the legal requirements of the State of Florida and the United States of America.

Some of our site tools use “cookies,” which are small files stored on your computer. They are used to help The Program by Ronna analyze site usage to help improve this site, and are not available to any third party. These cookies do not store any personal information whatsoever, so your privacy is not violated by their use. For example, Google Analytics, which helps us determine the effectiveness of this site, uses cookies to tell whether you are a first-time or returning reader. If you do not want cookies stored on your computer, you may change your browser settings to refuse them.